Women in SaaS

Harnessing the power of real voices, to create change and
powerful impact in the SaaS space.

Our mission

We’re bringing together influential SaaS leaders to discuss the female experience in the workplace, empower women and provide a platform to address some of the most pressing issues in SaaS to fight for diversity, equity and inclusivity.

VC and SaaS Investing
Scaling and Strategy
Customer Centricity
Product Pioneering
Marketing Mastery
Teams and Leadership

Topics discussed...

🤝 Being an ally: supporting each other in the workplace

👩 Creating female leadership teams

🤰 No paid maternity leave for new mothers in the US

🔦 Shining a light on ADHD in the SaaS workplace

💸 Negotiating salaries as a female leader

⚖️ Hiring: assess & address your biases

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1,000+ attendees, 15+ speakers the Women in SaaS Summit is an unparalleled opportunity to demonstrate your brand's leadership and connect with our engaged global community. There's lots of ways we can work together - reach out below and let's collaborate.


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"The Future of SaaS is a great resource! Their events have been top-notch and super helpful! As an aspiring CSM I've been learning a lot and networking! Definitely check out more of this platform, its community, events and additional resources! Thank you!"

Vincent Conti, Customer Success Specialist at RevenueWell